Tour visit, International Aquaponics Congress (2008)


Carlos Leon, John Pade, Rebecca Nelson, Dr. James Rakocy, Dr. Nick Savidov, Dr. Mike Nichols, Dr. Wilson Lennard

12 years since we started the First Aquaponics Congress in the world, and up to now, it has grown integrating many more actors and stakeholders in the sector, who together share our ideas and experiences to achieve innovations in our regions.

In 2008, the first International Aquaponics Congress was held in the City of Guadalajara, Mexico, a country where aquaponics has developed for hundreds of years in pre-Hispanic times. Nowadays, roots are reborn and new projects and people are sprouting up who seek for this activity to grow, develop and penetrate in different scales and sectors, with the intention of creating a productive harmony with nature. That moment that began more than 12 years ago is now bearing fruit. From having a stage of less than 10 presenters, it has to be more than 100 today. To have been able to show the first farm in Latin America at that time, and to know less than 5 operating in the world, now with more than a thousand systems operating at different scales.

There is no doubt that the level and participation is increasing. Now with technology people integrate more easily and quickly, so this year, the involvement of all continents will be more enriching. Thus comes this modality of the online congress, in the midst of a global crisis, there is no other option than to look for sustainable, comprehensive and safe alternatives. Let's all go for...
The Future of Sustainable Food !!!

International Aquaponics Congress 2019

At the International Aquaponics Congress we have brought together the best experts in the Agro-Aquaculture sector, who want to share their knowledge based on their extensive experience in this system of sustainable fish and plant production.

It does not matter if you are just starting out or if you already have previous knowledge, we have designed this event to take you step by step with the necessary tools to develop your project. We will have different activities focused on different levels of knowledge from amateurs to high-level researchers.

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