These are some of the masterful experts who will guide you and share their extensive experience with you!

Strategic Speakers

Dr. Satoshi Yamada

 Researcher at the University of Tottori, Japan. Specialist in the use of plants in Saline Aquaponics 

Pedro Casas Cordero

Santa Fe Community College Instructor Topic: Experiences in the management of the commercial Acuponia farm in Puerto Rico

Dr. Juan Angel Larrinaga Mayoral

Organic Agrotechnology Specialist Currently operating a Saline Solar Aquaponics unit in the Desert of Mexico

Anton Rossbach

Developer of the Zero Project model in Aquaponics Systems with Water Recovery by Evaporation. Owner of the German company GLOASIS.

George “Joe” Pate

Aquaponics systems consultant and founder of Regenerative Ecosystems

Antonio Garza Yta

President Elect of the World Aquaculture Society

Adriana da Silva

Born in Brazil, with more than 14 years of experience as a consultant, and runs her own sustainable businesses in the field of aquaculture, she is a columnist for Panorama Acuícola magazine, where she talks exclusively about Biofloc technology, a sustainable production system that revolutionized the aquaculture industry.

Renzo Pepe Victoriano

Renzo Gerardo Pepe Victoriano, by profession Marine Biologist, with a Master's Degree in Aquaculture and another in Leadership and Organizational Management, Dr (c) in Sustainable Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems.




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